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Hotel As Salam, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu



All rooms are equipped with :

  • Air conditioned

  • Bathroom (with water heater) & toilet attached

  •  LCD TV, Solat facilities, sofa, wardrobe, dressing table, coffee and tea making facilities plus basic amenities.

  • Free wireless internet access in rooms

  • Water Purefier

  • Drink Chiller

  • Car parking area

Near the market of Pekan Batu 6, banks, clinics, business centers, retail stores, restaurants, food stalls and shopping malls.


Terms & conditions:

  1. Guests are made up of families who have a mahram relationship, or the friends of the same gender.
  2. Only halal food and beverages are allowed into the premises of the accommodation.
  3. Take a good care of the cleanliness of the accommodation and surrounding areas.
  4. Using the facilities at the hotel by way of prudence.
  5. Put the vehicle in the right places and do not obstruct traffic and the nature of the neighborhood.
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